60 years, 60 videos
Vie de l'École
School life

Discover the history of our School through a photo gallery, showing its evolution from its beginnings to the present day.

Take a look back on student life, courses and teaching, and rediscover emblematic buildings, as well as festive and associative events that have left their mark on IÉSEG.

Our logos

IÉSEG has had several logos, marking the evolution of the school since its creation.

A very stylized and simplistic font, a background inlay, an English and then a blue version, etc. a certain number of stages were necessary before asserting the current visual identity of the school.

In 2012, the school logo graphic was completely redesigned: keen to show its ambitions and to pursue its development on both a national and international level. This new innovative logo which is made up of yellow and orange, distinguishes itself from the previous ones.

Photo Promo
Our Alumni

After 60 years of existence, IÉSEG could present several pictures of academic promotions. Over the years, looks and numbers have changed a little but there is still the pride of being an IÉSEG graduate.

Visit the website of IÉSEG Network, the school's alumni association, to see all the photos of the graduating classes.

Our Buildings